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Property rights & patents

You have made an invention and want to protect your research results?

You want to collect material or exchange it with others?

You want to network with other scientists from universities or companies?

You can get information and expert support on intellectual property rights from the Transfer and Entrepreneurship Service.

IP rights offer researchers convincing arguments for the acquisition of public third-party funding, the establishment of industrial collaborations and, last but not least, for setting up a company. Supported by patent attorneys and exploitation agencies, the Transfer and Start-Up Service works with researchers to design sound and feasible IP strategies and register IP rights.

We offer the following services related to intellectual property (IP):

  • Information, advice and support for university members on general questions of IP protection, employee invention law, as well as patent, competition and copyright law
  • Examination of invention disclosures and preparation of opinions on technological feasibility, commercial potential and exploitation opportunities
  • Drafting and review of exploitation agreements in the IP field (especially non-disclosure agreements, patent license agreements, know-how agreements, software agreements) as well as material transfer agreements (MTA)
  • Organization and implementation of information and training formats, gladly also as required
  • Support in the processing of formalities for compliance with the Nagoya Protocol and/or the EU ABS Regulation

Contract types

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Non-disclosure agreements serve scientists to protect unpublished research results, especially before filing a patent application, or potential research partners to protect their trade and business secrets.

A confidentiality agreement is drawn up by the party wishing to provide confidential information.

Contact person: Dr. Robert Szczesny

Contract for the Exchange of Research Materials

Material Transfer Agreement

The exchange of research materials can serve to initiate further, joint research projects. In addition, such a contract also opens up the possibility of having certain scientific questions and investigations carried out by another and thus making the research of the material more effective through scientific division of labor.

A research material exchange agreement is drafted by the party wishing to provide material.Grant agreements and grant agreements are provided by the funding body.

Contact person: Dr. Robert Szczesny

Assignment Agreement

People who are not employed at the MLU and, for example, work in third-party funded projects, can equate themselves to employees in terms of their work results achieved in the project by means of an assignment declaration.

Assignment agreements must be drawn up by the party wishing to assign a right.

Contact person: Dr. Robert Szczesny

License Agreements

Interested parties in the use of patented technologies, utility models, designs, software or know-how can license these. We support contract negotiations and creation.

License agreements are drawn up by the licensor.

Contact person: Dr. Robert Szczesny

Nagoya Protocol, EU ABS Regulation

You would like to collect biological material abroad for your research? This may require special permits. Contact us as early as possible, ideally before the start of the project, as some approval procedures can be very time-consuming. We will be happy to advise and support you in choosing the right application forms and in communicating with the foreign authorities.

Where can I find sample contracts?

Every cooperation has its own needs, every contract its own peculiarities. Contact us and we will quickly and easily clarify the key points of the desired cooperation or exchange in the above-mentioned areas. Subsequently, we will draw up a contract individually suited to your needs from our samples. We will also gladly take over the communication with the technology transfer of the contractual partner.

Who is allowed to sign a contract at MLU?

In principle, according to § 69 para. 1 p. 1 HSG LSA and § 7 para. 1 Rules of Procedure of the Rectorate, the Rector is authorized to sign contracts. As a rule, however, the chancellor is authorized to sign contracts in the research area.

After reviewing the contract, the respective contact person submits the contract to the person authorized to sign.


Consultant for intellectual property and industrial property rights

Tel: +49 345 / 55 21414

General questions of intellectual property protection, development of protection and exploitation strategies for IP objects